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Bart Slangen

Bart Slangen

The lee of the dark

Bart Slangen (Maaseik, 1969) studied free graphics at the KASK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts) in Ghent. In his work, Bart Slangen consciously obscures, one by one, perfection, from the idea that you should not depict, but anticipate, the world of the seen. He looks for the shadow, the dusk, the lee of the dark. Bart Slangen lead us into the alienation of what is called reality, in the expectation of a desolation of things that are timeless and placeless. Bart will observe what has been ephemerally, observe it sharply, even frame it in advance and repaint it, even paint it again.

The works of Bart Slangen may have more to do with disappearing than with appearing, which testifies on canvas to a melancholic longing for beauty, purity and also an urge for perfection, which, however, turns away from its superficiality, so they are below / behind the clouded underlayer.


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